QA Engineer, RedX

July ’17-Present

I was hired by RedX to build an automated testing system for them. This has been an incredible opportunity as I have been able to start from scratch picking the best pieces of different frameworks to create a fully automated testing flow. As tests are developed, they are instantly dockerized, added to our environment and then documented to report on our test coverage. Beyond this, our tests are modular enough to be used in our monitoring as well giving us much faster response times in handling poor quality of service our outages. I’ve also mentored our formerly manual QA tester and am pleased that he is now writing asynchronous javascript, using version control and familiar with countless frameworks.

Software Engineer, Intern at Insidesales

May ’16-July ’17

This has been a huge growing opportunity for me. When I arrived, multiple engineers left the team so I was asked to take over many projects. This involved dockerizing our existing testing bots and writing new bots using both Selenium and REST calls. I designed and maintain the reporting piece of our framework using Nagios, AWS, Docker, Grafana and Influxdb. From UI based bots simulating customer experience to high frequency api monitoring, I can ensure a product is running smoothly for customers.

Software QA Engineer, Intern at Microfocus

June ’15-April ’16

Here I gained a solid foundation in testing and debugging approaches. Microfocus is also where I came up with the idea for my Xclip tool as it greatly sped up manual testing. I started using Bugzilla and testing manually, but soon began automating the tests I was running manually. When things slowed down with my normal projects, I built a UI smoke test for our Android developer which tests basic functionality in 45 seconds.

Director of Marketing and Sales at Actiontrak

Jan. ’15-May ’16

I met Mike Rich the founder of Actiontrak, a 3-person inventory management company, while working at T- Mobile and he offered me a position working for him. I was originally planning on writing software for him, but when I saw our lack of revenue I transitioned into handling Marketing and Sales. I redesigned the logo, built an online presence and met with high profile clients.

Technical Marketing Engineer, Intern at Intel

Summer 2014

Here I created automated demos that Intel’s marketing teams used globally to highlight processor performance in comparison to competitors. This involved assembling gaming pc’s and intensive scripting to automate processor heavy tasks.


Utah Valley University
  • 3.66 GPA – Computer Science Major – Networks Emphasis
  • Senator for College of Technology and Computing


  • Wolverine Scheduler (2017) Co-founder of site aimed to help students make more informed decisions on which teachers they should choose.
  • Short Simple Tutorials (2016) YouTube channel which I use to share my knowledge so that others can use me as a resource and more quickly learn to use software libraries and other tools.
  • Xclip (2015) Autoit program which extends the functionality of the clipboard so a user can manage many clipped strings of text.